Brand Transformation Case Study: Atkins

Atkins, a global design and engineering partner, faced the social and affordable housing challenge in the UK. They tasked us to develop a strong brand identity that had the purpose of the project at its heart and to create a clear new position and external voice.

Strategy:Our brief was to create a new brand for Atkins, acknowledging the trust and heritage of Atkins/SNC-Lavalin as the parent brand. The strategy aimed to convey messaging truly grounded in their purpose of developing housing, where people could not only live but thrive.

Solution:We named the brand EDAROTH – Everybody Deserves A Roof Over Their Head. This meaningful name became the foundation for the entire brand, including a brand book, website, launch materials, advertising, merchandise, and a confident endline, ‘Home reimagined by Atkins’.

This case study illustrates Zora Agency’s success in transforming Atkins’ brand, addressing the social housing challenge with a purpose-driven approach.

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