Project Case Study: Branding for Medisana Medical Investments

Overview: Medisana Medical Investments, a newly established company in the MENA region specializing in healthcare investments, partnered with Zora Digital to develop a robust brand identity that reflects its commitment to advancing healthcare solutions. With operations spanning across the Middle East and North Africa, the challenge was to create a bilingual brand identity that resonates with diverse cultural backgrounds while conveying professionalism and trustworthiness.


  1. Cultural Sensitivity: Tailoring the brand identity to resonate with diverse audiences across the MENA region, including considerations for both English and Arabic languages.
  2. Establishing Trust: Building credibility and fostering trust among stakeholders in the healthcare investment sector, emphasizing the company’s dedication to quality and innovation.
  3. Visual Representation: Integrating a bilingual logo design that incorporates both English and Arabic elements, with a color palette that symbolizes health, growth, and vitality.

Zora Digital implemented a strategic approach to craft Medisana Medical Investments’ bilingual brand identity:

  1. Cultural Research and Analysis: Conducted in-depth research on cultural nuances and preferences within the MENA region to inform the brand strategy and design elements.
  2. Bilingual Logo Design: Created a distinctive logo featuring both English and Arabic typography, harmoniously integrated to maintain visual balance and cultural authenticity. The green color palette was chosen to evoke health and vitality, appealing to regional sensibilities.
  3. Visual Identity System: Developed a comprehensive visual identity system that includes brand guidelines for consistent application across all communication channels. This system ensures cohesive brand representation in both English and Arabic languages.
  4. Collateral and Digital Presence: Designed bilingual business cards, letterheads, and digital assets to support Medisana’s professional image and facilitate effective communication with stakeholders.
  5. Website Localization: Developed a bilingual website that accommodates both English and Arabic content, providing an accessible and informative platform for investors and partners across the MENA region.


  • Enhanced Regional Presence: The bilingual brand identity strengthened Medisana’s visibility and resonance across the diverse MENA market.
  • Improved Stakeholder Engagement: Positive feedback from stakeholders indicated increased confidence in Medisana’s credibility and commitment to advancing healthcare investments.
  • Cultural Alignment: The culturally sensitive branding approach fostered connections with regional stakeholders, positioning Medisana as a trusted partner in the MENA healthcare sector.

Zora Digital Branding Agency

Conclusion: Through strategic branding initiatives tailored to the MENA region, Zora Digital successfully positioned Medisana Medical Investments as a reputable and culturally relevant entity in healthcare investments. The bilingual brand identity not only differentiated Medisana but also laid a solid foundation for sustained growth and impact in the dynamic MENA healthcare market.

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