Client Overview: Al Hariri is a reputable furniture company based in Germany, known for its wide range of high-quality furniture offerings and exceptional customer service. With a strong presence in the local market, Al Hariri sought to enhance its digital footprint and improve online sales through a new Shopify website.


  1. Outdated Website: The existing website did not effectively showcase the breadth and quality of Al Hariri’s furniture collections.
  2. E-commerce Functionality: Limited e-commerce capabilities hindered online sales and customer retention.
  3. Brand Representation: Al Hariri aimed to align their online presence with their brand values of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


  1. Enhanced User Experience: Develop a modern, user-friendly website that facilitates seamless navigation and enhances the shopping experience.
  2. Improved Conversion Rates: Implement e-commerce best practices to increase online sales and customer engagement.
  3. Brand Cohesion: Ensure the website design reflects Al Hariri’s brand identity and values, fostering trust and loyalty among customers.

Solution: Zora Digital embarked on a comprehensive approach to revamp Al Hariri’s online presence:

  1. Strategic Planning: Conducted a thorough analysis of Al Hariri’s target audience and competitors to formulate a tailored website strategy.
  2. Custom Shopify Design: Designed a visually appealing and responsive Shopify website that highlights Al Hariri’s furniture collections with high-resolution images and intuitive navigation.
  3. E-commerce Optimization: Integrated Shopify’s robust e-commerce features, including product categorization, secure payment gateways, and streamlined checkout processes to enhance user experience and drive conversions.
  4. Content Management: Implemented a user-friendly content management system (CMS) for easy updates and maintenance of product listings and promotional content.
  5. SEO Implementation: Optimized the website for search engines to improve visibility and attract organic traffic.


  • Increased Online Sales: The new Shopify website contributed to a significant boost in online sales, exceeding Al Hariri’s initial projections.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Improved website functionality and intuitive design led to higher user engagement and reduced bounce rates.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Customers appreciated the improved shopping experience and user-friendly interface, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Conclusion: Through collaboration with Zora Digital, Al Hariri successfully transformed its online presence with a custom-designed Shopify website. The project not only aligned with Al Hariri’s brand values but also positioned them for continued growth in the competitive furniture market in Germany.

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